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  • Posted in: MEA Open Forum

    Greetings Everyone! I am Dan Allen. I am a Gas Utility graduate of Midwest Energy Training Center at NWTC, Green Bay Wisconsin, and have been working for Team Fishel in Manassas Virginia, for the last 3 years. My position is Gas Safety Coordinator, which ...

  • Posted in: MEA Open Forum

    OSHA Proposes Revisions to Beryllium Standards for Construction and Shipyards On October 8, 2019, the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration ("OSHA") published a proposed rule regarding Occupational Exposure to Beryllium and Beryllium ...

  • Posted in: MEA Open Forum

    Hello all!  My name is Jason Grier and I am the manager of electric skills training for CenterPoint Energy in Houston, TX.  I have over 23 years with CenterPoint and spent 17 of those years as a journeyman lineman.  The last 6 have been in management ...